Umfrage Landeshauptstadt Dresden Stadtentwicklung und Ländlicher Raum

District development Südvorstadt along Budapester Straße

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District development Südvorstadt along Budapester Straße © Luftbildvertrieb Monika Müller (

The aim of the Urban Planning and Mobility Office is to declare the residential area near Budapester Straße in Dresden Südvorstadt as a development area within the framework of urban renewal. This is the prerequisite for receiving funding to improve the quality of living in the area. In order to determine the appropriate needs and measures, citizens are asked to participate via the online survey.

The area in focus is situated between Budapester Straße and Kaitzer Straße as well as Nürnberger Straße and the northeastern railway embankment. The aim is to receive support for the project through funding. The project will focus on social issues such as increasing the quality of living and enhancing the public space as well as improving the urban climate. Therefore we kindly ask you to participate in this survey from November 29th to December 30th, 2021.


Overview of the area















© Urban Planning and Mobility Office, Data Source: Geospatial data of City of Dresden, Inventory data of real estate cadastre: Staatsbetrieb GeoSN

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Online Survey

1. In your opinion, which of the following should be improved in the vicinity of Budapester Strasse?
  • You can choose more than one.
2. Which improvements would be most important to you?
  • Bitte wählen Sie maximal 3 Antworten aus.
  • Please select no more than three improvements.
3. Which of the potential issues below are disturbing to you in this area?
  • You can choose more than one.
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  • Status Kürzlich beendet
  • Zeitraum 29.11.2021 bis 30.12.2021
  • Teilnehmer 6 Participants
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