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Online survey: Sport and exercise in Dresden

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Good day,

as part of the “Sports Strategy of the State Capital Dresden until 2030”, the municipal commissioners and the “Eigenbetrieb Sportstätten” are conducting a survey. The aim is to further develop and improve the sports facilities in Dresden for you. With this survey, we would like to find out if and how people in Dresden do sports.

When filling out the following question, we ask you to assume the normal state without Corona lockdown. This means: How much sport did you do before Corona? The survey will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. All data will be collected anonymously. The answers cannot be assigned to your person and will be treated strictly confidentially. You can choose to complete the questionnaire in German or English. To change the language of the website, please click on the world button in the upper right corner.

We hope for your support. Thank you very much!

Further information:

The questionnaire is formulated in easy-to-understand language so that all people can fill it out. Complicated technical terms are therefore also avoided.

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Do you do sports or exercise?
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  • Zeitraum 11.10.2021 bis 11.01.2022
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