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Survey on the integrated traffic and noise reduction concept Dresden-Friedrichstadt

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An integrated traffic and noise reduction concept is currently being developed for the Dresden-Friedrichstadt district on behalf of the state capital Dresden. The main subject of the investigations is the noise pollution caused by road traffic on main roads with a high traffic occupancy. The concept of measures of the integrated traffic and noise reduction concept aims at a gradual reduction of health-relevant noise impacts as well as an improvement of the general conditions for all road users.

The early public participation is intended to support the work process. Therefore, we invite you to participate in this survey and provide us with your suggestions. Your feedback is important to us! Filling out the questionnaire will take about 3 - 5 minutes. The evaluation of the survey will be anonymous. (Substitute information for children is possible.) To change the language of the website, please click on the world button in the upper right corner.

We appreciate your support. Thank you very much!

Your city administration of Dresden

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